Machine Learning (ML) stands out as one of the most groundbreaking fields within Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unlike traditional approaches that demand well-defined knowledge and pre-implemented algorithms, ML leverages model architectures and applies learning algorithms to datasets. The goal is to derive business logic for solving specific problems.

Areas of application for ML and AI include:

  1. Intelligent Decision Support Systems
  2. Recommender Systems
  3. Value Prediction
  4. Anomaly Detection (e.g., identifying mistakes or fraud)
  5. Pattern, Object, and Image Recognition
  6. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Our team specializes in delivering solutions across the first four areas. 

We utilize the following technologies:

  • Python as the primary programming language
  • Libraries such as Scikit-learn and Pandas
  • Tensorflow for building complex models based on artificial neural networks (including deep learning models)

However, it’s essential to recognize that there are situations where applying ML algorithms and AI approaches may not be feasible or sensible. The feasibility depends on specific requirements and the expert knowledge that can be extracted from the available data.

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