Policy on Quality, Service and Information Security Management

The Power Partner Solutions Ltd management defines and documents the current Policy, which contains the organization key objectives, guidelines and obligations related to product compliance, service and information security management.

The main commitments of the Power Partners Solutions Ltd management are to meet the requirements of the applicable regulations, to continuously improve the efficiency of the management system and to meet the requirements of standards BDS EN ISO 9001:2015, BDS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2023 and BDS ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018.

Power Partner Solutions Ltd. performs its main activity in the operation of an implemented management system applied to provide services related to the development, implementation and maintenance of standard and innovative software solutions, consulting and training services, ensuring at least compliance with the legal, customer and other requirements accepted by the organization.

The management of the organization understands and accepts the responsibilities to its assets, applying the principle of zero tolerance in the strive to prevent accidents. This zero-tolerance principle is the company understanding that for Power Partners Solutions Ltd. there is no acceptable incident related to information security and service management. The management is committed to investigating and analyzing information about real and potential incidents, and taking immediate actions to remove their sources to prevent any possible security breaches and ensure continuous improvement.

Power Partners Solutions Ltd maintains and evolves the implemented management system in all its processes to increase the efficiency and quality of service delivery in managed information security.

We continuously improve the training and qualification of our employees as prerequisites for achieving a high degree of user satisfaction with our services and ensuring information security.

Our common objectives are: 

  1. Ensuring continuity of business processes and information security
  2. Minimizing business and information security risks causing loss or damage to the company, its customers, partners and other stakeholders
  3. Minimizing the degree of loss or damage caused by information security breaches
  4. Providing the necessary resources for the functioning of an efficient management system.

To achieve these common objectives, the company CEO annually defines specific measurable objectives and monitors their implementation in management reviews.

In my capacity as the Manager of Power Partner Solutions EOOD, I commit, both at professional and personal level, to ensure all necessary resources are available, for the implementation of the policy and the defined objectives.


December 4th, 2023               CEO – Nadezhda Myashkova


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